Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • Q. Is registration required?

    A. If you want to participate in the auction, registration is required. Registration is also required for sellers.
  • Q. Can I sell on Ouslet?

    A. Yes you can. You can sell new and used items. If you sell used products, it is necessary to state this clearly in the description. If the items have a defect, the seller is obliged to explain this defect and upload a photo.
  • Q. Are there any fees charged in Ouslet?

    A. Registration is free. The buyer doesn't pay any fees. Deposited items are free of charge up to thirty products per month. A fee of 10% of the sale price is charged when the goods are sold. The minimum fee is $ 2
  • Q. Are additional fees charged to sellers?

    A. The seller can insert up to 30 products per month free of charge. There is a monthly fee of $ 10 for uploading an unlimited number of products + unlimited number of photos to the product.
  • Q. Is there a warranty on the products?

    A. Yes. New products are warranty by the manufacturer. No warranty is given for the goods used, unless explicitly stated in the description of the goods.
  • Q. If I am not satisfied with the product, can I return the goods?

    A. You can return the goods within 30 days of purchase with a full refund. The goods must have the original packaging.
  • Q. When will the seller send out the order?

    A. Once you pay, your order will be processed and the goods will be sent to the address provided when purchasing the goods. The average delivery time is 3-7 days, maximum time to two weeks.
  • Q. How to track my package?

    A. If the shipment contains a traceable shipment number, you can track the shipment. If you need more information about your shipment, contact our support either by email or by phone.